Project Data:

C'Dale, LLC

Project Scope
Master planning and creation of Design Guidelines and Standards for 200 residential units and 40,000 SF of non-residential use

Project Size
12.29 Acres

Master Plan Completion Date
Winter 2007

Project Description:

The Overlook Neighborhood Design Guidelines and Standards express both the overall vision for the new neighborhood as well the precise details for how that vision will be achieved.

This proposal for how the land should be developed represents a significant departure from the current uses and their configuration on the site. The site's central location and its infill nature offer the opportunity to use the new development to stitch together other more improved areas of town. A new relationship between the town and the open space to the northeast can be created by providing pleasant new pedestrian connections and healing the previous damage to the high ground that overlooks it.

The owners in conjunction with the Town seek to create a memorable and enduring place guided by the principles of traditional neighborhood development adapted to Carbondale's specific setting, climate, and requirements. The buildings, streets, and public spaces will be designed to work together to establish recognizable relationships between each other in the creation of defined paths, edges, and meeting places.

This diversity will mean that homes will be affordable to a wide range of households with different sizes and incomes. The neighborhood's location as well as its design will promote walking and help minimize dependence on the automobile. The proposed non-residential uses will be designed to complement and support rather than compete with downtown, and will help extend the downtown core slightly to the north. The overall goal is to create a compact and diverse community where a genuine sense of community can flourish.