Project Data:

The Stegner Family

Project Size
169 Residential Units on 80 Acres

Development Plan Completion Date

Project Description:

Mill Haven represents a unique opportunity for the Stegner family, the Laporte Area Planning Advisory Committee, and Larimer County to create a well-balanced and authentic community. Rather than the typical irregular shaped lots with gated subdivision mini-mansions surrounding the lake, Mill Haven will create smaller and affordable opportunities for a wide variety of households. In addition, the historic Mill Building will be restored as the focus of the new neighborhood and public access will be provided to the lake shoreline for both residents and visitors. The development plan is sympathetic to the Laporte Area Plan and the comments of residents during the planning process.

The development plan utilizes a number of design elements that will ensure a truly memorable sense of place and foster a sense of community. Streets, small pocket parks and paths are arranged to create strong pedestrian connectivity and link well-defined "mini-neighborhoods" together. Detached sidewalks and tree-lined planting strips separate pedestrians and vehicles. Large front porches reasonably close to the sidewalk also share the outdoor room promoting casual encounters, interaction between neighbors, and a welcoming face to the street for each home.

A mix of building types is employed to respond to different household compositions and resident income ranges. Sustainability will be encouraged through diversity and the creation of a true sense of community. Mill Haven will be truly unique in this regard promoting and integrating diversity and affordability in ways that conventional suburban development seldom does.